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SLP Members Exhibition: Stuart Simpson

SLP Members Exhibition: Stuart Simpson

Posted on: 15th August 2017


Members Exhibition: Stuart Simpson
Members Space, Street Level Facility | 5th September - 5th November.

Members Event: Tuesday 5th September, 6-8pm. All members (and guest of) welcome. 

Stuart Simpson's work is the latest to be included in a series of members exhibitions hosted in Street Level's facility space. These provide members with an opportunity to show and speak about works in progress to other members.

Stuart: 'Years ago, I set out to make a documentary project about my hometown of Ayr as I thought it to be a historically and artistically interesting place. However this project took a different road and ended up being an introspective piece about home and family, and having completed and unencumbered its process, I have started back on the path of the project I originally set out to make. I have been shooting a lot so far, but feel a bit mystified as to what direction the project is going, and look forward to discussion with respected peers to find some illumination. 

I’ve been an SLP member since studying photography at college, around 2 years ago. The main facility I use is the Hasselblad X5 scanner, and it is an absolute godsend as it scans high res full strips of medium format negatives in a few minutes, compared to the half and hour per each negative of the older models. I will also be heavily using the dark room for another project I am working on. However my favourite resource is the immense knowledge base of other members, every time I use the facilities I learn something new.'

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