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Members Exhibition: Roscoe Thomson
Members Space, Street Level Facility | 21st March - 22nd May 2017.

Members Event: Tuesday 21st March, 6-8pm. All members welcome. 

Roscoe Thomson's work is the latest to be included in a series of members exhibitions hosted at Street Level. These provide members with an opportunity to show and speak about works in progress to other members.

Roscoe: 'I have been a member of SL for around 3 years now, initially joining while in the process of attempting to find an escape route from depression.

It was the pursuit of a medium which I could safely negotiate and begin to interact with the world around me which led me to make my first set of images - Photo Is Memory.

Working exclusively with 35mm b&w film and experimenting in the development of film, my work embraces imperfections and a certain level of risk while also considering the craft of printmaking and darkroom practice.'

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