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Shutter Hub Talk: Amplifying Practice Through Partnerships

Shutter Hub Talk: Amplifying Practice Through Partnerships

Posted on: 29th May 2021


Shutter Hub: Amplifying Practice Through Partnerships - Malcolm Dickson

This talk will focus on the ways Street Level Photoworks supports artists work across a range of initiatives and professional development opportunities, including in-house gallery exhibitions, to online platforms, to work in the street. 

There will be an opportunity to see a couple of short video works by artists which gives further insights into different photographic practices and approaches. The talk is underpinned with the message that partnership working can amplify practice; and that the distinction between early career and established artists isn't so distinct in a system which is rigidly hierarchical. 

Across 2020 and in 2021, Street Level in Lockdown comprised of a series of online events profiling a diversity of practice in and around photography. Recent exhibitions at Street Level included a retrospective of work by Oscar Marzaroli, the Street Level Open, Futureproof and Arpita Shah. Current partnerships are with Artlink Ireland and Northern Photographic Centre in Finland as part of the programme 'On the Edge' which aims to build and sustain links with photography organisations and artists in Northern Europe. Street Level also run the Photography Networks in Scotland platform which profiles exhibitions and events in photography across Scotland.

12 midday - 1pm UK time, Tuesday 8th June 2021.

Booking is essential. Please note this talk will not be recorded. This online event is provided by Shutter Hub at no cost but donations are welcome.

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