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Ondes Lumineuses

Ondes Lumineuses

Posted on: 1st November 2018


26 Oct – 2nd December
Ondes Lumineuses – Josée Pedneault, Bertrand Carrière, Mat Hay and Melanie Letoré.
VU, Quebec City

The result of an exchange with VU’s Scottish counterpart, Street Level Photoworks, ‘Ondes Lumineuses’ is the counterpart of ‘Lightwaves’, currently also on show on the other side of the Atlantic. The mirror play that takes place between these two propositions testifies to a desire for understanding and correspondence by photography and its practices. What limits does the contours of our territories impose on the circulation of our ideas? How does the ocean that separates us play a role in our exchanges and in relation to our identity? What is at stake in our meetings? What is the nature of the relationships they create? It is by grasping this questioning that the four artists were able to meet the locals and places, capture fragments of lived stories and make them resonate with their own past, wanderings and elsewhere intimate. Thus, the liberties we have left to them, from one end to the other of our respective continents, have been taken and exceeded even as rich and promising experiences are delivered to us here generously.

More Info: VU

Portfolio reviews: Thursday 1st November with Malcolm Dickson (Street Level) and Claire Moeder (curator and contributor to the respective exhibition brochures in the two places).

VU is a self-directed artists centre which supports research and production for artists in the field of photography. It is part of the arts cooperative Meduse.

Image: © Melanie Letoré

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