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Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert: North Sea Fishing

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert: North Sea Fishing

Posted on: 25th April 2017


Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert's North Sea Fishing continutes on tour after the opening at Scottish Fisheries Museum in November 2016. 

Arbroath Signal Tower Museum
20th May - 29th June 2017

Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland Isles - 8th July – 27th August 2017

St Fergus Gallery, Wick - 9th Sept – 21st October 2017

Thurso Art Centre28th Oct – 9th December 2017

The Beacon Arts Centre6 Jan – 25th Feb 2018 

The exhibition features black and white images shot aboard the seine net fishing boats, Mairead and Argosy, in the North Sea in the 1990’s. These images, by Scottish documentary photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, capture the reality of the life at sea for the fishermen of Scotland’s North East fishing communities - the cramped conditions, the monotony, and the grueling work in harsh conditions. 

The show is generously supported by Scottish Fisheries Museum, Street Level Photoworks, Loxley Colour, Scottish Fishermen’s Trust and Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation.

Image: © Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

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