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In the near future we will be adding an archive section to our website to provide thorough documentation on past exhibitions and events at Street Level Photoworks. As a taster of this we have uploaded a few publications from previous exhibitions in 2002 - 2005 from our 'Minigraph' series produced in line with solo shows made for our main gallery programme. The series commenced in Susanne Ramsenthaler, (with a commissioned essay by Roberta McGrath); Dalziel & Scullion (Penny Skerrett), Sandy Sharpe (Ray McKenzie), Kennard + Phillipps (John Berger), Jo Spence (Adele Patrick), and Jim Harold (David Brittain). These short publications feature images of the work on show along with texts by various art writers and theorists.

Simply click on the thumbnail of the corresponding minigraph to view or download a PDF version.

Susanne Ramsenthaler   Dalziel & Scullion
Susanne Ramsenthaler Text by Roberta McGrath
Street Level Photoworks, 19 Feb - 13 Mar 2002
  Dalziel & Scullion Text by Penny Skerrett
Street Level Photoworks, 15 Jul - 23 Aug 2003
Sandy Sharp   Peter Kennard & Cat Picton Phillipps
Sandy Sharp: Another World Text by Ray McKenzie
Street Level Photoworks, 06 Jul - 14 Aug 2004
  Peter Kennard & Cat Picton Phillipps Text by John Berger
Street Level Photoworks, 16 Oct - 27 Nov 2004
Jo Spence   Jim Harold
Jo Spence: Photographer Text by Adele Patrick
Street Level Photoworks, 21 Jun - 30 Jul 2005
  Jim Harold: Across a Fractured Land(scape) Text by David Brittain
Street Level Photoworks, 13 Aug - 24 Sep 2005

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