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Introducing the New Photographers Guild 2022 Mentees

Introducing the New Photographers Guild 2022 Mentees

Posted on: 27th July 2022


Meet the New Photographers Guild 2022 mentees!

Laura Prieto (@lauraprieto___is a Spanish photographer, her work explores the concepts of identity, memory and youth through the use of both traditional and creative analogue techniques. "Dreams can become a way to escape our constricted reality but they are also a place where anxieties and fears can resurface through our unconscious mind.

Keziah MacNeills (@keziah_macneill) practice focuses on decision-making in the digital age; considering the roles, interference and assistance available to us in these moments. Through staging scenarios in the darkroom, Keziah considers how it may perform as the umpire to my activity.

Niamh McInally (@niamhymacphotography) is a portrait photographer who has a particular interest in documenting the value of humanity within society. She is currently working towards creating a photographic archive of portraits of girls and women in Scotland. The intention of this project is to celebrate and explore the definition of femininity, as well as examining the transitional theme of girlhood to womanhood.

Dave Lane's (@davelanesnapswork revolves around themes of intimacy and relationships; both romantic and familial. Whilst his focus is has been on Once Bitten, a previous long-term project about his relationship with his partner, for the NPG mentorship, he is turning his camera on her dad (and his bees).

Miriam Ali (@miriamali) focuses on the themes of identity, belonging and home. She has interpreted the word ‘FLUX’ for this year's NPG as constantly changing, decaying and reforming. Miriam has chosen to focus on the poppy as it is a symbol of freedom used in Palestine, and record the stages of it slowly changing.

Csian Jemecel Canave (@csian99) is a Filipino artist exploring identity, memories and personal matters while investigating the connections between photography and painting.  His previous work was a documentation of the emotional vulnerability he faced in isolation during the Covid lockdown. He was greatly inspired by Irish-born painter Francis Bacon, who is well known for his use of raw and unsettling imagery. 

The New Photographers Guild is a mentored photography programme preparing recent graduates for professional life beyond education led by led by Claire Stewart, photography lecturer, James Pfaff, photographer and artist, in association with Street Level Photoworks. 

© Keziah MacNeill

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