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Futureproof 2021

Futureproof 2021

Posted on: 26th November 2021


Futureproof is an annual showcase of new talent in photographic image making, selected from across Scotland’s photography and fine art degree courses. Each year this landmark exhibition reflects the range of approaches and subject matter from recent graduates, celebrating photography as a versatile form of creative expression. 

Futureproof returns as a physical exhibition this year at Stills Centre for Photography (Edinburgh), who selected this years graduates, in association with Street Level Photoworks. Those included are Miriam Ali, Alexander Van Der Byl, Csian Canave, Julia Diago, Alastair Fletcher, Jake Gatehouse, Miriam Levi, Finlay Macintosh, Jennifer McNeil, Lucas Orozco, Inez De Rijke and Michael Skeen. For a third year we also partner with the Jill Todd Trust in the form of the Jill Todd Futureproof Awards which will bequeath cash prizes to three of the exhibitors.

Futureproof 2021
2nd Dec 2021 - 5th Feb 2022
Stills, 23 Cockburn Street
Edinburgh EH1 1BP

For more information on the exhibition please click here.

Image: © Miriam Levi

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