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As I See Cuba (Como Veo Cuba) - Dougie Souness & Roberto Chile

As I See Cuba (Como Veo Cuba) - Dougie Souness & Roberto Chile

Posted on: 22nd October 2019


In November, Cuba will celebrate the 500th anniversary of its capital city Havana. Twinned with Glasgow in 2002, this city will be the focus of a unique photography exhibition at Trongate 103, part of Havana Glasgow Film Festival (HGFF), by two distinguished photographers: Roberto Chile from Havana and Dougie Souness from Glasgow. 

The exhibition represents the personal viewpoints of the island from both photographers, although the resulting whole is a compelling and cohesive vision – the result of close collaboration from afar. 

At the end of the exhibition in Glasgow, the collection will be shipped to a gallery in Havana to be shown there as part of British Week, where HGFF is curating a series of films and events to showcase Scotland in Cuba. 

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