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Celebrating 30 Years of Photography in Scotland

Celebrating 30 Years of Photography in Scotland

Posted on: 15th August 2019


September 2019 marks the 30th anniversary since the establishment of Street Level Photoworks. To celebrate this landmark anniversary we will be looking back on the history of those who have helped shape Street Level Photoworks. But it also means celebrating the present and in looking forward to the future of what photography offers diverse audiences and artists and all that this means for our ongoing partnerships and collaborations.

Since being founded in 1989 by Glasgow Photography Group, a collective of photographers and those passionate about the medium, Street Level's core aim has remained consistent in providing people with a range of opportunities to engage with photography, as artists, participants, audiences, and sector partners. Over our 30 year history we have worked with a considerable number of artists and facilitators to deliver exhibitions, community collaborations, workshops, talks, residency exchanges and all manner of events in between that champion the diversity and creativity of photography from Scotland and further afield.

This is not possible without the considerable support of many people and public agencies who are a part of this journey.

Where It All Began

...It has always been important that we provide the maximum access to the centre, and that includes wheelchairs. STREET LEVEL conveys the idea that physical access is easy; but it also suggests access to the man in the street - a shunning of elitism - and openness to all who are interested in photography - Archie McLellan (Organising Secretary) in March 89 GPG Newsletter

Between September 2019 and September 2020, the chapters, accomplishments and missing links will feature on this site, as well as being posted on our social media channels.

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