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Image of The Surreal Lives of Brian Griffin (DVD) by Brian Griffin

The Surreal Lives of Brian Griffin (DVD)

By Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin (b.1948) is one of Britain’s most influential and creative portrait photographers. Famous for his surreal depictions of workers, celebrities, and iconic 1980’s music album covers. ‘The Surreal Lives of Brian Griffin’ gained unprecedented access to Griffin’s entire photographic archive, and over a five-year period, recorded exclusive observational footage with Griffin at work in the UK, France, Poland and China. The films narrative intercuts Griffin’s recent high-profile commissions with his remarkable artistic output from the past four decades. 

Acknowledged for the extraordinary composition and lighting of his portraits, Griffin’s distinctive style developed during his early career working as a staff photographer at the business magazine Management Today. Griffin’s unique approach, with his witty and surreal touches, changed the face of corporate portraiture forever. 

During the 1980’s, Griffin’s prolific output produced numerous album covers for artists such as Kate Bush, Iggy Pop, Echo and the Bunnymen, Ultravox, Siouxsie Sioux, Billy Idol, Joe Jackson and Depeche Mode. The stunning image which graced Depeche Mode’s ‘A Broken Frame’ album was chosen by LIFE magazine as the cover for ‘The World’s Greatest Photographs 1980 -1990’. 

Bonus features 

The Water People / The Big Tie 

This DVD by Prince Films, including soundtrack is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, or broadcasting is prohibited.

All photographs courtesy of Brian Griffin

Music composed by Malcolm Lindsay

Directed and filmed by Michael Prince

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