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Image of Saints & Sinners (Book) by Chris Brickley

Saints & Sinners (Book)

By Chris Brickley


Saints & Sinners captures the live music scene in the West of Scotland from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Turning the lens on Glasgow and Paisley, the book features key acts and less familiar names, from Ramones, Clash, Simple Minds and Bob Marley to Backstabbers, Poems and Berlin Blondes. The book also features portraits of gig-goers and fans who were intrinsic in creating and supporting the scenes, alongside venues, pubs and streetscapes. 

The book features mainly unpublished vernacular photography which was in danger of being lost to the public, particularly ‘crowd shots’ which convey the immediacy and energy of the live music experience in a unique manner. The book also showcases the work of renowned Scottish photographers such as Harry Papadopoulos and Laurie Evans, whose photography has been celebrated since the heyday of the music press in the 70s and 80s.

The book celebrates an enduringly-popular genre, which remains of cultural relevance today. 

Softcover, 178 pages

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