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Image of Matchbox Camera by Paper Camera Company

Matchbox Camera

By Paper Camera Company
Pinhole Camera

Converting a box of matches into a pinhole camera has been a classic rainy day project for science students and the photo-curious for decades. Now for the first time offers a brand new design in pinhole photography. Highly engineered using the very latest in laser technology to cut and score high quality paper.

A pinhole camera is like a normal camera except it uses a tiny hole instead of a lens to focus the light. Pinhole photographs have a fuzzy soft magical appearance. Get in close to your subject and look for bold shapes, colours and patterns. Get creative!

With its long exposure times, the Matchbox Camera is perfect for still life, landscapes and ultra creative portraits. Pinhole photography is a fantastic way for you to broaden your photographic horizons and explore your own creativity. See the world in a new way and go beyond the constraints of traditional lens based photography. Challenge yourself!


The Matchbox Camera uses traditional silver based photographic film. Digital technology now dominates photography for ease of use and speed. Traditional film requires chemical processing a little more time but yields images which can not be matched by digital technology for their originality.

The Matchbox Camera is designed by professional photographer and long-time pinhole devotee Chris McNulty.

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