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Image of Looking For Signs (Book) by Peter Finnemore

Looking For Signs (Book)

By Peter Finnemore


Looking For Signs is an artist book by Welsh photographer Peter Finnemore, reflecting upon the artists' experience of India through the expressive frame of a handheld camera. The snapshot vision is used as a means of fluid and creative documentation of social spaces and experiences of the self, set in the atmosphere and dynamic arena of India. 

Throughout the book, images evolve into chapters of narrative sequence, formed through the rhythmic unfolding of their own visual logic. The resulting project is a collage of intertwined pictorial narratives that seek to navigate and chart a coherent world-view, mapping the boundaries and dualistic crossing points between light and dark, the mundane and the poetic, absence and presence, social and spiritual, the fleeting and the boundless, photography and art and the transference from image to icon.

Softcover, 304 pages
14 x 24cm


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