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Image of Eye on the Street (Book) by David Peat

Eye on the Street (Book)

By David Peat



In the late 1960s, twenty-one year old David Peat created a portfolio of photographs to gain entry to the film business. Peat who was regarded as a leading cinematographer and documentary film maker, gave permission for Renaissance Press to publish these remarkable images which have remain unseen by the public for forty years.
The Glasgow photographed in 1968 has long gone, but the sights and smells of that time still exist in the recollections of those who lived as children in the streets and back courts of Gorbals, Tradeston, Maryhill and beyond. The black and white photographs in this book can still sharpen the memory as no other medium can.

Featuring contributions from Alan Spence, Robin Gillanders, David Bruce and Billy Connolly.

Softcover, 108 pages
20 x 20 cm

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