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Image of 18.09.14, Tillydrone Aberdeen  by Blazej Marczak

18.09.14, Tillydrone Aberdeen

By Blazej Marczak
Archival Giclee Print

Hahnemule Photorag


Ambit is a joint exhibition between Street Level Photoworks and Stills, Edinburgh embracing some of the current tendencies and innovative talent from the art photography sector in Scotland. We are pleased to offer the opportunity to invest some of the most exciting and individual photographers working in Scotland today.

Blazej Marczak is a Polish born photographer currently based in Ottawa, Canada. Between 2005 and 2016 he lived and worked in the United Kingdom, mainly in Scotland where he graduated with BA in Professional Photography from the Stevenson College, Edinburgh. In 2012 Blazej left Edinburgh for Aberdeen where he created The Grey City series, a personal and subjective impression of Aberdeen. Bounded by two river mouths, the North Sea and vast green stretches of land his photographs create a ubiquitous landscape by the silver granite and a matching sky.

This print is available from £36 per month interest free with Own Art - For more information or to purchase through Own Art please call 0141 552 2151 or visit the gallery

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