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Street Level Open 2019


Street Level Open 2019
12th September - 24th November 

 ‘…there is no such thing as a singular photography at all, only discontinuous, myriad photographies…’ - Geoffrey Batchen

The Street Level Open comes into existence once again to mark the organisation’s 30th Year of championing photography. The exhibition’s aim is clear  - to create a lively exhibition embracing the range of formats and methods of photographic image-making currently being practiced here. Be it post-photography or proto-analogue we are interested in work that embodies the essence of photography as well as that which sits at its verge. Photography as gesture, as evidence, as archive, as a window into another places or a reflection of your inner self, photography is in and around us….

It is free to apply. The deadline for applications is Monday 12th August at 5pm. Those submitting will be notified by Friday 23rd August (please note this date has been extended from the 16th due to the number of applications recieved)

Please read the guidelines before applying. Download the guidelines and application form 

Banner Image: © Kristian Smith 

Left Image: © Theresa Moerman Ib

Images from Street Level Open 2013

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