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Image of Sanctum Ephemeral (Book) by Mark Aitken

Sanctum Ephemeral (Book)

By Mark Aitken



Mark Aitken is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer, radio host and head of a non-profit company that's produced over 40 films. His series Sanctum Ephemeral has been exhibited in Glasgow as a collaboration between Street Level Photoworks and Photofusion, London. 

Introduction by Mark Aitken with texts by Howard Cunnell and afterword by Zelda Cheatle. Signed and numbered first edition of 60. Published by The Deep River.

Sanctum Ephemeral explores the theme of home on a blighted housing estate.

"I have pressing conversations with neighbours. We shed frustration. The impositions are beyond our control. Proposals beyond comprehension.

There’s nothing wrong with my house. Why do they want to knock it down? 

People let me into their homes. I hear stories; gather evidence. Some of it makes sense. Some of it is troubling. The rooms, the memories and the inhabitants reflect each other."

Softcover, 54 pages

19.7 x 25.3cm

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