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Image of A Playground by the Shipyards, Govan (Edition of 20) by Nick Hedges

A Playground by the Shipyards, Govan (Edition of 20)

By Nick Hedges
Inkjet Print

Epson Premium Lustre


Street Level Photoworks are pleased to present an exclusive print by Nick Hedges as part of Govan/Gdansk - Edition of 20. Paper Size: 44.5 x 32cm, Image Size: 39 x 25.5cm

Nick Hedges’ A Playground by the Shipyards, Govan, Glasgow, August 1970 is taken from a larger body of work called ‘Make Life Worthy Living’ which was made whilst on a commission from the housing charity Shelter and is part of one of the most important documentary photography projects of the 20th century.

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