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Image of Glasgow Streets New Era (Zine) by Hugh Hood

Glasgow Streets New Era (Zine)

By Hugh Hood



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Hugh Hood's highly sought after series of publications documenting the changing face of Glasgow have been reprinted by Cafe Royal Books.

Hugh Hood began his photographic ‘career’ at the age of 10, by helping his father develop black & white prints at the family home. He attended Glasgow College of Printing and around 1972 he bought his first Creative Camera magazine and it inspired him to photograph the streets of Glasgow. 

"I began my Glasgow project in the early 70’s when I was twenty. Anyone who lived in Glasgow at that time lived through the extraordinary changes to the city with its urban regeneration scheme. This was the post-war clearances: technological redundancy, de-population and rampant decay. Journeying across the city, vacant and derelict building are to be found from the very centre to the far flung impoverished areas. A new M8 motorway would cut a large trench through the heart of the city and completely blighted areas like Cowcaddens and St Georges Cross that left scenes of desolation. As a photographer I felt I should try and record this post-industrial Glasgow just as the socially concerned photographer Thomas Annan, had done in the 19th century when he recorded the pre-industrial back streets of Glasgow."

14 x 20cm, 28 pages


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