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Image of Steven Berkoff - Gorbals 1966 (Book) by Steven Berkoff

Steven Berkoff - Gorbals 1966 (Book)

By Steven Berkoff
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Published on the occasion of his solo exhibition at Street Level Photoworks in 2018, 'Gorbals 1966' features Steven Berkoff’s previously unseen photographs of the Gorbals area of Glasgow. 

The images were made over the Autumn of 1966, when Berkoff was an actor with The Citizens Theatre. During the periods of downtime when he was not on the stage Berkoff would be out exploring with his camera, using that time to photograph the environment around The Citizens. This new publication serves as a time capsule, capturing the Gorbals at the beginning of demolition and regeneration. Like many photographers he was drawn to slums and decay, ‘because these are the areas in which I was brought up.’ 

Paperback, 72 pages

14.8 x 21cm

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