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Roscoe Thomson: A Glasgow Fair


Roscoe Thomson: A Glasgow Fair
The Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock

Talk by the Photographer: Wednesday 20th September 6-8pm. Free, refreshments provided.

Roscoe Thomson’s A Glasgow Fair recalls the city’s traditional holiday fortnight by re-imagining stories passed down through generations like precious family heirlooms. It is created from the memories of people and places as experienced by others rather than any kind of then-and-now style comparison. 

A Glasgow Fair is an impressionistic work illustrating the blurred lines between reality and fiction. It’s been made by retracing a series of journeys to various towns such as Millport, Rothesay, Dunoon, Largs, Southbeach, Saltcoats.

The Beacon Arts Centre 
Custom House Quay
PA15 1EQ

Images: © Roscoe Thomson

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