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Online Event

'Portraits and Dreams' Film Screening

'Portraits and Dreams' Film Screening
7pm Thursday 28th January
Livestreamed through Zoom
Free but ticketed - Register via 

'Having a camera gives anyone power, but particularly children' - Wendy Ewald

Street Level Photoworks are proud to present an exclusive, one off screening of Portraits and Dreams, with a brief introduction from Wendy Ewald.

Portraits and Dreams (2020), directed by Wendy Ewald & Elizabeth Barret, revisits photographs created by Kentucky schoolchildren in the 1970s and the place where the photos were made. 

Photographer and artist Wendy Ewald, who guided the students in making their visionary photographs, returns to Kentucky and learns how the lives and visions of her former students have changed. The film combines the new narratives and insights of the now adult students.

This screening follows on from the online talk and launch of the book in late October 2020 which you can view here.

Running Time: 53 mins

Banner Image: © Wendy Ewald
Left Image: © PBS / POV

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