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Martin Parr: Talk & Book Signing

Martin Parr: Talk & Book Signing
Street Level Photoworks, Mon 13th Nov 6pm

Book Tickets - £4 (+ Booking Fee)


In this special appearance at Street Level Martin Parr will give a talk on the work in two books drawn from his huge archive of photographs taken in Scotland, followed by a book signing. The two books featured are: ‘Think of Scotland’ (Damiani Editore) and ‘Remote Scottish Postboxes’ (RRB books).

Think of Scotland - For more than 25 years Martin Parr has been taking photographs in Scotland. From the streets of Glasgow to an island agricultural show in Orkney, Parr has built a huge archive of photographs. Now for the first time these images are to be published in this book. This body of work—Parr’s largest previously unpublished archive—weaves together some of the expected visual iconography of Scotland, such as highland games and stunning landscapes, but all with the Parr twist that makes the expected look so unfamiliar

Remote Scottish Postboxes is Martin Parr’s first major contribution to landscape photography. Between 2004 - 2010, Parr and his wife holidayed on the Scottish mainland and outlaying islands of Orkney, Shetland, Barra, Lewis and Islay, stopping frequently to capture the local Postboxes. Through Parr’s photographs, these isolated, red outposts of civilisation each take on a character and personality of their own, against the lonely yet beautiful Scottish backdrop.

“When you are in the middle of nowhere, in a bleak landscape and in wild weather, these little post boxes are strangely comforting, a sign that other people are around, that life is going on, and that you are connected to the world” - Susie Parr

Remote Scottish Postboxes is presented as a boxed hand- stitched, 88 page book, in which the postboxes are accompanied by maps and co-ordinates of their locations and features a short text by Susie Parr. 

Image: © Martin Parr, from 'Think of Scotland'

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