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In Focus: Craig Gibson & Dave Ferrie

In Focus: Craig Gibson & Dave Ferrie
1pm Tuesday 7th July

If you missed the facebook livestream you can watch it below:

For the third in our series of In Focus talks we will be joined by Craig Gibson & Dave Ferrie who will be discussing their recent self-published photobooks 'Kentucky Waterfall' and 'The River Isn't Yellow in Winter' respectively.

Craig Gibson is a portrait and documentary photographer originally from Glasgow, Scotland. He moved to London shortly after appearing in the Fresh Faced+Wild Eyed exhibition at The Photographers Gallery in 2015 and has been living and working in East London ever since.

Dave Ferrie is a photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has self published five books of his work, beginning with 'Mornin Mister Magpie' (2014), the latest being 'The River Isn't Yellow In Winter' (2020). Recent exhibitions include Projects 18 at Stills, Edinburgh (2018), and the Street Level Open (2019).

Banner Image: © Craig Gibson
Left Image: © Dave Ferrie

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