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Brian Griffin Screening

'The Surreal Lives of Brian Griffin' (Dir. Michael Prince) + 'Mogwai - Stanley Kubrick' (Dir. Brian Griffin)
6pm Thursday 9th July
Livestreamed on our Facebook

We are pleased to be hosting a special one-off livestream screening of The Surreal Lives of Brian Griffin (2016), directed by Michael Prince. The film offers unprecedented access to Griffin’s entire photographic archive, and over a five-year period, (2010-2015) recorded exclusive observational footage and interview with Griffin at work in the UK, France, Poland, and China. The films narrative is driven by Griffin’s recollections and deep thought processes that reveal his unique approach to portrait photography and intercuts his high-profile commissions, alongside Griffin’s remarkable artistic output from the past five decades.

Alongside this, we will be screening for one occasion only Stanley Kubrick (1999), a music video Brian Griffin directed for Scottish Post-Rock band Mogwai.

I think that Brian is one of the most interesting portrait photographers ever. His portrait photography belongs to another time. Portrait photography today is like so simple, so straightforward, so it seems that all photography portraits are alike. Brian is different, and Brian has a craziness in him - a craziness in a way to see the world, an intensity that belongs only to him. - François Hébel, Director, Les Rencontres d’Arles

The Surreal Lives of Brian Griffin Trailer:

Banner Image: © Brian Griffin, courtesy of Michael Prince
Left Image: © Michael Prince

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