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Intermediate Black & White Printing Weekend



Saturday 21st Sunday 22nd March 2020

Weekend Course Outline

A perfect follow-on course for those who have already completed either of our B&W Beginners courses or who have a basic level of B&W darkroom printing experience.

Please bring B&W negatives (35mm or medium format) that relate to each other in some way (subject matter, tonal range, environment etc) as we will be making a number of prints that can be read as a series.

Skills you will learn: reading a negative, producing print plans, expanded single-filter printing, split-filter printing, dodging and burning, pre-flashing, producing a series of prints on fibre-based paper, finishing your prints.

Saturday 10.30am-5pm

Discussion of other artists’ work

Darkroom protocol – safety & good practise

Darkroom printing tools

Making a printing plan

Single filter printing

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Split filter printing

Pre-exposure (flashing) and additional contrast control techniques

Printing your series

Print finishing techniques and mounting examples

Discussion of the work produced over the weekend

Morwenna Kearsley is a Glasgow-based artist working predominantly with analogue photography, darkroom printing and digital video, view her website here

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